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Barrier-Free Showers

Make showers safe and accessible for people of all ability levels

As part of your home that is used every day, it's vital to find the shower solution that works for you. Ranging from roll-in showers to low-barrier showers, 3 Birds finds the size and style shower for your needs, including those fully-equipped with chairs, fold-down seats, grab bars, and more.

Stair Lifts

The adaptive living solution that allows you to reach new heights

For elderly people and people with mobile impairments, climbing the stairs in your home can be a near-impossible task. A stair lift provides access to every floor in a multi-level home, promoting independence and preserving the safety of your loved one.

Wheelchair Ramps

Make your home accessible by wheelchair and by those with limited mobility.

Indoor and outdoor wheelchair ramps ensure your loved ones have access to every area of the home. These ramps help reinstate the freedom to be self-sufficient, explore the outdoors, and more.

Grab Bars & Bath Safety

Prevent slips and falls in one of the most high-risk areas of your home.

Elderly family members and loves ones with physical impairments are at risk nearly every time they access the tub or shower. Grab bars help your loved one maintain balance, transfer weight, and prevent falls in the bathroom.

ADA Compliant Toilets

Reclaim independence and safety with an ADA-compliant toilet

From moving the ADA-compliant toilet to installing grab rails, 3 Birds helps restore independence while using the toilet and provides peace of mind to families.

Full Bathroom Redesign

Overhaul your bathroom for proper accessibility and a modern design

3 Birds with redesign and reorient your bathroom layout to make room for your accessibility needs. From wider doorways to accessible showers, we help your loved ones reclaim independence in any bathroom.

Tub Cut-Outs

Make entering and exiting slippery bathtubs safe.

One of the biggest bathroom hazards involves entering and exiting the bathtub or shower, which is why 3 Birds offer tub cut-outs to lower the heights of your tub for easy access.

Door Widening

Make every room in your home accessible with doorway widening.

Maneuvering your home with a wheelchair can feel impossible and restrictive, which is why 3 Birds offers door widening for any room. Widening typically turns a standard 28" frame to 32-36" depending on your needs.

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