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3 years ago, I was given the honor of taking care of my grandpa, the great jazz producer George Avakian, until his passing at the age of 98. He was wheelchair bound and I experienced first hand the limitations imposed on certain individuals surrounding the bathroom and other areas of the home. I shouldered his stress as if it were my own as he struggled to maintain his independence. Like all of us, this was a great person with an important life. He deserved the ability to safely and efficiently take care of himself.  

I have an extensive background in construction and design. But what sets me apart is my empathy and care for others. I am a spiritual man, and I feel that it is of the absolute highest honor to use my gifts to serve those who need them most.

"Construction is an emotional process"

“Construction is an emotional process” is a quote that was said to me by my friend/mentor/elder, Ed “3 Birds” Brown - an incredible carpenter whom I named the company after. To build something beautiful you gotta make a mess first - and that can be stressful. But we at 3 Birds Accessibility Solutions use great communication, inspired expertise, and absolute professionalism to give you 1 result - a beautiful finished product that helps you spread your wings.

I oversee every job. I communicate directly with every client. Thank you for having us in your home.

Alex Avakian

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Alex Avakian

Alex Avakian grew up in the East End of Pittsburgh and graduated from the historic Shady Side Academy High School where his mother was a kindergarten teacher. He learned carpentry from his father who was a tradesman and in 2011 undertook his first large scale solo construction project designing and building a retail store front for his clothing brand, Daily Bread, which was championed by the late Mac Miller. After selling his stake in the company he started a real estate investment firm in Pittsburgh’s Lawrenceville neighborhood. His true passion for helping others naturally steered him to grow 3 Birds Accessibility Solutions. into a quality provider of private and insurance based home modification services throughout the state.

Ed "3 Birds" Brown

Ed “3 Birds” Brown has worked in the construction field for over 47 years. He has run a construction crew of up to 53 men. He owns 2 farms, and now resides in the city of Pittsburgh where he is the Director of Field Operations at 3 Birds Accessibility Solutions.

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"Alex and Ed gave me a great bathroom remodel! They were kind and courteous the entire time. They didn't feel like strangers to me, they felt like friends. The modifications they made to my bathroom made my life a lot easier!"

"3 Birds AS drastically improved the quality of my life with the upgrades they made all over my house. I'm not able to get around like I used to and the ADA compliancy upgrades have made things easier. Their process is friendly and warm. Highly recommend!"

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